There are a few rules...

Drivers must be 25 years of age.  All drivers must be present at time of vehicle pickup with a valid driver's license.    Wilderness Van uses as our booking service, which preforms a DMV background check, and approves you as a Verified Driver.  

Wilderness Van insurance policies are secondary to the renters.  The renter's insurance policy is the primary.  Please bring a copy of your auto insurance card with you at the time of rental.  

No off road use.  The renter is responsible for all expenses, i.e. damage, towing, tires, if used off road.

Max speed is 65 MPH.

No pets over 40 lbs.  

NO SMOKING.  No cigarettes, marijuana, e-cigarettes, or vape.  Please do it outside of the vehicle.

No towing.

No strapping of anything on the roof.  

No crossing the border into Canada at this time.